7plus 1.2.0

Add more features to Windows Explorer


  • Many keyboard shortcuts for common tasks
  • Custom hotkeys to run apps


  • The tabs functionality feels a bit clunky


7plus is a handy plug-in that adds interesting extra features to Windows Explorer, making file and folder management easier than ever.

If you’re a sucker for keyboard shortcuts, you’re going to love 7plus. It adds lots of new shortcuts for the most varied tasks, from creating new folders to copying files’ complete paths. You can even define custom hotkeys to run specific apps.

7plus also gives Explorer windows support for new functions, like closing the active window with a middle click on the title bar, leaving windows on top or being able to move windows around with a keyboard and mouse combination. 7plus adds support for tabs on Windows Explorer as well, though it didn’t work very smoothly during our tests.

Besides the clunky tab function, 7plus works quite well. The only drawback to it is that you’ll need to learn a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts by heart in order to make the most of it.

7plus adds some extra functionality to Windows Explorer, to make it easier and faster to use.



7plus 1.2.0

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